After Massage Care Tips
Is this your first massage?

Here’s some tips on how to recover and make the most of it.
After massage ,you should feel better however, some people who don’t get deep massages
often, might feel some muscle soreness the next day. This due to your muscles having a toxin in it called Lactic Acid.
It is found in everyone’s body and when you exercise really hard for a long time it is released
into the body and causes an increase of acidity in the cells making the body fatigued and sore.

The body will return to a normal level through slow walking, stretching and water consumption.
So just like exercising for the first time a deep tissue massage is basically working those muscles
in a deep manner and it also will release the same Lactic Acid into your body’s system and that is why you might feel worse the next day. Not all people experience this but if you do it is very common and you should just drink a lot of water, stretch and move around or some light exercising.

Typically after a massage you may experience some of the following…

Sleepiness due to release of toxins (lactic acid in your muscles) encouraged by the treatment
and the initiation of healing energies, which will require the body to rest.

Muscular aches and/or headaches as the nerve fibers respond to the work undertaken.

Massage can also dehydrate the body, so it is suggested that you increase your intake of water
for at least two days after the massage.

Heightened emotional state due to the positive release of deep-held feelings and emotions.

Frequent urination due to stimulation of the lymphatic system.

Changed sleep patterns you can fall asleep during the treatment, your body clock may change.
Active bowels all body systems, including the digestive one, will work better.

Spots may occur – released toxins and hormones may surface through the skin, especially if you previously suppressed your skin condition.

Your possible symptoms you experience are absolutely normal and should subside within 12
hours to 24 hours.

Muscular aches can last for up to a couple of days after the massage depending on the condition of the muscles in the first place (really stressed muscles will often take a couple of days to settle). If in doubt please see your doctor immediately.

Self Care: What To Do After A Massage

Drink H2O

Over half our body is made up of water (depends on age, gender and overall health). So it only makes sense to drink water right? Drinking water helps to flush out toxins released from the muscles and properly re-hydrates your muscles therefore reducing muscle aches and pains after a massage. A glass or two of H2O can also help to center your body/mind since a massage treatment can sometimes leave us feeling a bit spacey.

Limit alcohol after the massage – it is recommended that you limit the amount of alcohol and caffeine after a massage as these will further dehydrate your body.


Especially with a Deep Tissue Massage, your muscle fibers need to realign and be flushed of the toxins released from the muscle. Stretching can help to do this realignment and improve proper muscle recovery therefore reducing post massage muscle pain.

Hydrotherapy(Epsom Salt Bath/Whirlpool/Infrared Sauna)

Similar to the effects of drinking water and stretching, hydrotherapy can also prolong the sense of relaxation to your body/mind and induce a deeper sleep that night while promoting healthy muscle recovery.


Massage Therapy has a big effect on circulation and stimulates digestion among other systems of the body. Keeping a small snack with you to eat after a massage will provide your body with an instant electrolyte boost (especially if you tend to feel light headed after massages).


I know, this sounds kinda strange. Most people may not even feel like they need to but when you urinate, you are getting rid of toxins that your body cannot use. So Drink water then pee.


Allow your body to enjoy the benefits of your massage and take it easy for a couple of days especially if it has been a long time since your last massage or if your muscles were very stressed.

Always feel free to express what you are experiencing before, during, and after your massage sessions so that your massage therapist has the opportunity to fully address your concerns and needs.
Most importantly, please follow up with another massage as soon as possible because the closer the visits are to one another the better the body responds and the faster you will feel better. Also, it is important to avoid any strenuous activities after a massage and avoid negative people and/or situations that may create stress for you!

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