Deep Tissue Massage is used to work deeper into muscles and tendons and usually involves slower movements and firmer pressure working on specific areas of tightness. It can release deep emotional blocks, which can be trapped in the muscle layers and is sometimes referred to as “Emotional Release Massage”.

Deep Tissue Massage is great if you have really tight and tense muscles that need firm pressure. Deep Tissue Massage focuses on getting into the muscle layers underneath the superficial layer of muscles. This encourages blood to flow back into the muscles creating healing and removing pain and tension.

Deep tissue is a technique that requires a considerable amount of pressure, which allows the therapist to go below superficial connective tissue. The purpose of this is to break up old structural patterns and allow the free flow of nutrients and oxygen in the blood. Deep tissue may cause some discomfort but is exceptionally effective.

Athletes, individuals with chronic joint or muscle injuries, individuals that perform repetitive work that causes considerable strain on muscles and joints, as well as individuals who suffer from stress may all benefit from deep tissue massage.


Application of pressure is contraindicated directly over sites of acute, active and ongoing infection and inflammation. Recent unhealed fractures, acute gout, phlebitis, and unhealed wounds contraindicate massage.