I respect the rights and dignity of clients, and provide compassionate care.

I conduct our business with high ethical standards, complying with laws and regulations governing massage therapy.

I maintain and promote high standards for massage therapy practice by continuing education to stay current on skills and modality offerings to provide high quality bodywork.

I communicate and interact with clients professionally and respectfully with courteous regard and timeliness.

I provide bodywork services in a fair manner, recognizing and appreciating the cultural components of economics, race, ethnicity, religious and political factors, marital status, age, disability, sexual orientation, and gender of my clients.

I protect the individual boundaries of my clients, aware of proper draping and comfort levels during each and every session.

I protect all confidential information and privileged communication between practitioner and client.

This is my oath, my vow, my pledge and affirmation.

Body Scientist : Massage Therapist.